Regenerative Land Development

In our day and age it seems that the modus operandi for land development is to get in and get out as quickly as possible, pay little attention to the ecological and economic value the land has to offer, and hope no one realizes that a sub-standard job was done. Sometimes, only years down the road do we realize that a precious natural resources was squandered, a forest was irrevocably damaged, an economic yield was missed out on, or roads were placed haphazardly and built incorrectly; leading to constant maintenance and endless problems with erosion. Regenerative Land Development is the emerging idea that if we pay more attention to, and give more value to, the natural systems and ecology of our land base, we can greatly benefit. Regenerative Land Development seeks to approach our land development projects not as a wrecking ball to a local ecology, but rather as partners in our shared destiny. Regenerative Land Development consciously considers a sites ecology, hydrology, geology, climate, land use history, successional stage, role in the larger ecosystem, and much more to come up with a development plan which honors life. As climate, economics, politics, and the social landscape all seem to be increasingly polarized, we need to protect our land and our lives with the most ecologically and economically conscious land development decisions.