Jonathan Ramirez is a farmer, designer, land development/management specialist, and environmental educator. Jon grew up in Queens, New York and was on the path to become an officer in the US Army when he was led to make a complete lifestyle change. He describes being inspired to change his life path and join the movement to regenerate ecosystems and build sustainable food-sheds. Farming seemed an essential way to start, and Jon spent years learning organic farming in the northeast United States. He worked on multiple farms, co-managed a CSA, and learned from many farmers, organizations, and practitioners of regenerative agriculture around the country and around the world. Jon has developed a particular interest in regenerative forest management, sustainable land management, and agro-forestry. After speaking with world renowned permaculture practitioner Geoff Lawton in NYC about the nature of unsustainable development, he was encouraged and inspired to play a role in changing the paradigm of land development. Jon sees his work in the field of land development and his work at Thriving Earth Farm as essential work in pioneering a sustainable future for humankind. He currently lives on an 18-acre Farm in Joelton, Tennessee. Together with his wife and children, they raise goats and chickens, honey bees, shiitake and oyster mushrooms, a variety of vegetables and herbs, wild harvested products, and have begun to establish diverse fruit, berry, and nut plantings.

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Heather likes to say farming is in her blood… Her paternal grandmother still lives on the family's farm in Iowa and her father grew up baling hay, harvesting crops, and caring for animals. However, it wasn't until she began pursuing a career in healthcare that she found a passion for small-scale agriculture and the concept of "food as medicine". Before Thriving Earth Farm, Heather worked with two goat dairies and several vegetable CSA farms. When she is not milking goats and wrangling chickens, Heather catches babies and cares for women as a certified nurse-midwife in Nashville.