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Regenerative Forestry and Traditional Forestry Hand Tools

  • Thriving Earth Farm 5869 Eatons Creek Road Joelton United States (map)

Join Thriving Earth Farm as we share our knowledge of Regenerative Forestry and traditional forestry hand tools. Regenerative Forestry is a way of meeting our human needs by teaming with our natural forest resources in an ecologically regenerative way. From firewood, to food production, to building materials, to medicine, to wildlife, and more; the forest has many gifts to offer us for human survival as long as we are willing to engage those gifts in a humble and enhancing way.

In this workshop participants will get an introduction into Regenerative Forestry concepts and traditional hand tools for forestry. Participants will be led through the forest as we identify trees, learn how to select trees for different purposes while maximizing ecological benefit, learn how to manage debris in and ecologically regenerative way, and learn about replanting strategies. Participants will learn about traditional hand tools used in regenerative forestry, such as the two man cross cut saw, one man crosscut saw, felling axe, and more. During the workshop participants will fell a tree together with hand tools, process it with hand tools, manage the debris in a way that leaves a regenerative impact, and replant the understory with underrepresented species.

The cost of the workshop is $25. All participants will be required to sign a waiver of liability at the beginning of the workshop.

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